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Trinity is a congregation within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Both the ELCA and Trinity are the product of mergers; Trinity resulted when St. Matthew Lutheran Church and Christ the King Lutheran Church decided to merge in 1981.  St. Matthew began in 1961, and Christ the King was a splinter from Grace Lutheran, another church in Hobbs.  Today we go by Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA), and try to live out our call to serve all God's people in Hobbs, NM.

We are liturgical, scripture-based, and Spirit-led.

Liturgical means that our worship follows a form, and there is congregational participation through song and prayer, as well as worship leadership: readers, communion assistants, ushers, acolytes (lighting the candles), greeters, nursery care, and altar guild (the behind-the-scenes preparation for communion and worship).  The word "liturgy" literally means 'of the people.'

Scripture-based means that scripture inspires much of what we do.  We hear four Bible readings on a given Sunday, and most of the liturgy is taken from scripture.  

Spirit-led means that we believe God is at work in this place, and it is our job to listen and discern where God is leading us.  It is the Spirit that calls us to worship and to work for the Lord.  

We are Lutheran.  

The Lutheran church was formed at the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.  Martin Luther is attributed to founding the Lutheran church, and was one of the lead Reformers, though he originally had no interest in breaking from what we now know as the Catholic church. You can read more about what Lutherans believe, and the ELCA here.